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Inbound Marketing & HubSpot

We provide inbound and content marketing services that utilize HubSpot to build valuable relationships with your prospects to drive meaningful results. Your customers are already looking for you; we help you let them know where to find out.

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Inbound Strategy

Deep dive into the data, keywords, and your customers. By understanding your customer, their buyer’s journey, and what problems they are trying to solve, we build a winning strategy to reach your clients.


HubSpot + Automation

HubSpot allows your team to be more efficient while creating a single source of truth for your data. Drive awareness, automation marketing & sales, and provide exceptional customer support.

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Website Development

Using HubSpot CMS, we build exceptional websites with your business objectives in mind. So it’s not just a digital business card but a lead generation and content machine.


Inbound + Content Marketing

We believe that our clients deserve the best, and that includes brand-curated ongoing inbound and content marketing services that generate awareness and drive opportunities.

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Video Production

23% of marketers don’t use video for marketing as they lack time. Yet, video is the fasted growing format and is the most effective. We provide end-to-end video services for all types of projects.

Inbound Marketing Rates

We have built inbound marketing packages as a guide but create a custom plan for your business.

What our clients have to say about us

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I have worked with many agencies over the past 20 years and Beacons Point truly stands out as one of the best. They have absolutely exceeded our expectations from content creation to account support, team engagement, technical solutions, and genuine passion for our business than we could ever have expected. We work in a very complex business and I was impressed at how quickly BP dived in and immediately began to understand the intricacies and turned that into dynamic, engaging content. I am excited each day I get a new update or piece of content from them because I know it’s relevant, targeted to our audience, and will help us continue to grow our business. Thank you to Alex, Brian, Karen, Max, Sabina, and Ashley – you are all rockstars!

Lorin Gelfand
Lorin Gelfand
Director of Marketing and Communications
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The Beacons Point team is exceptional in all facets of inbound marketing. They truly feel like an extension of our own marketing department, which is key for our small company. Their team has tremendous technical aptitude and creative expertise, and has been able to support us above and beyond expectations at every turn. They’ve helped us leverage HubSpot in ways we wouldn’t have thought of on our own, and we’re seeing strong results in both lead acquisition and customer engagement. Find the money in your budget to work with this awesome team – they are worth it!

Lorin Gelfand
Hannah Going
Director of Marketing and Communications
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Our tiny-but-mighty marketing team has been working with Beacons Point since the turn of the year to kickstart our lead generation efforts. They have stood by us and been the feet on the ground working to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce, understand our partner and client audiences, create content to educate and convert leads, and further optimize our website. Their support goes beyond the campaign we have been working on together though – they have taught us so much about how to utilize the HubSpot tool, that we are able to execute additional campaigns and scale our work more than we would have been able to without their expertise. They are friendly, helpful, professional, and really everything we hoped for in an agency. The progress we’ve made toward our sales and marketing goals this year wouldn’t be possible without their support.

Lorin Gelfand
Chelsea Murphy
Communication Strategist
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Beacons Point has been an invaluable asset for our marketing department as our strategy shifted to incorporate more content marketing. It’s so refreshing to have a company put in the work on the front end to really know and understand your product, brand, and voice – I have been continually amazed by how well they have been able to produce content that is aligned with our goals and vision. On top of incredible content, they have the expertise to practically implement content strategies via HubSpot and make sure every piece is getting in front of the right people at the right time. They have saved me so much time and energy and have been an absolute delight to partner with.

Lorin Gelfand
Kelly Kaufman
Director of Demand Generation
Case Study


Learn how we built a long-term strategy and user acquisition engine for an early-stage computer vision tech startup to take more than 3,500 software developers from strangers to product evangelists in less than one year.

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