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The Importance of Maintaining a Brand Voice

Having a brand voice helps your audience remember your company and what you are known for. Being consistent with your language, staying uniform with your brand’s core values, and engaging with your consumers will help people become interested and stay interested in what your business has to offer. There are several key factors that help to create a successful brand voice:

  • Tone and language
  • Writing Style
  • Writing for your target audience
  • Expressing core values

Combining these factors will ensure your brand is consistent across your social media platforms, website and any other mediums that you use to communicate with your customers.

Tone and Attitude

Writing in a voice that matches your company is important correctly expressing the type of business you are running. For instance, writing in a professional or academic tone will let readers know that you are a credible source in your industry or that you are offering professional services. Using a light-hearted voice lets your followers know you are approachable or can add a sense of authenticity to your brand.

The right attitude will go a long way towards marketing your company. Positive content will attract customers and increase shareability. If your business can express a positive attitude that differentiates itself with its own brand voice from other businesses with the same services, you can stand out from your competitors and be more memorable.

Writing Style

The way a business writes will influence the type of audience it attracts. Using complicated vocabulary may turn away readers if they are looking for simple and easy-to-read language. Jargon may confuse the audience if they are not familiar with the subject.

If you are targeting an audience that wants to start learning about a subject, it may be better to explain topics with simplified terms and to explain vocabulary that might be confusing. However, if you are writing for an audience that is well-versed in a subject, then utilizing industry-specific terms can add authority to you as a leader in that industry.

It is usually better to assume your audience doesn’t know everything. When it comes to businesses, it’s important to explain your brand in a way that your target audience will easily understand.

Having a distinct writing style is a way to ensure uniformity and engagement with your audience. If your articles are consistent with your writing style, it will be easier to identify your brand among other companies and create customer loyalty.

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Writing for Your Target Audience

When creating a brand voice, it’s essential to think about your audience. When you are offering services to consumers, they need to understand and relate to your brand. Making sure your vocabulary and voice matches your audience will keep them interested and motivated to use your services.

For example, if you are offering professional services within a specific industry, you may need to use jargon to explain your brand. If you want to bring in audiences who may or may not know what your brand is about, you can choose to explain certain terms so consumers will understand what you are advertising.

Examples of Brand Voices

Some successful companies with distinct brand voices are:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Disney
  • Nike


In the last 10 years or so, they have used a friendly tone to express happiness and joy that consumers can associate with Coca-Cola products. They successfully launched “Open Happiness” in 2009 and have continued to use this brand slogan and voice to associate happiness with their products. We are not saying Coca Cola is by any means good for you, but their brand voice has helped their messaging and telling their story.




Disney has a specific, consistent tone that they have used over the decades. Their dreamy vocabulary and promise of a “happily ever after” has influenced millions of consumers to visit their parks and buy their merchandise.




The brand aims to inspire people and encourage them to work hard. They advertise that using their products can allow you to perform at your best, not just in exercise but in all aspects of your life. They also give you the desire to push yourself, be the best you can and to dream big. They consistently produce commercials around all major sporting events, showing us how the pros train or to show anyone can make it with hard work and aiming high. Their use of long form commercials bring us more than just a one liner but tell better stories.


Nike Write The Future (2010 World Cup Ad)

When a business has a strong brand voice, they become easily recognizable and encourage their audience to engage with them and use their services. Using the right language, writing for your target audience, and expressing core values will help you successfully attract consumers. What examples of a well craft brand voice do you feel is effective? Share below!

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