By admin on December 3, 2020
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Paying It Forward

As we come up on the end of what’s been a particularly difficult year, I think it’s fair to say we’ve been through a lot as a global community. And while it has been a challenging year, I think it’s offered a lot of us an opportunity to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for.

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Thankfulness is a topic Beacons Point has talked a lot about leading up to last week’s holiday, as well as throughout the last eight months. On the surface, Beacons Point is a marketing agency, but, at our core, we’re in the business of helping people. If you’ve ever gotten an email from Alex, I’m sure you’re familiar with his favorite saying, “Always be Helping.” It’s integral to the inbound methodology and echoes our company’s mission to empower people and improve the lives of those around us.

Beyond creating helpful resources and content, this year we wanted to give back in ways that directly served those in our communities that needed support most. To do this, our Beacons Point team and clients chose organizations close to their hearts for us to donate to in their names. These included the California Fire Foundation, San Diego Military Family Collaborative, the Uniquely Abled Project, NAACP, and Portland Women in Tech, among others. 

The work doesn’t stop there. We will continue initiatives like these moving forward, starting with our upcoming content strategy webinar on December 16. In an effort to keep paying it forward, we’re donating to Feeding San Diego, Direct Relief COVID-19, and Prevent Child Abuse America for every person who registers for the webinar. 

Interested in joining the initiative and learning about how to develop a winning content strategy for 2021? Register here.

With that, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and hope to see you on December 16.

Published by admin December 3, 2020

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