By admin on September 2, 2020
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Don’t Make Assumptions About Your Buyer Personas

We’ve talked a lot about personas lately and understanding your customers. That’s because we believe it gets to the core of how we successfully help our customers.

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Some people are struggling with generating new leads and closing sales, while others are having the best year of their careers.

If you’re in the first camp, it’s natural to want to focus on ads or blast out a new lead magnet.

What about those of you knocking it out of the park? Are you just riding the wave, or have you thought about what’s coming next?

Just because someone has the right job title doesn’t mean they are a qualified lead. Just pushing that lead to the sales team and celebrating a win for the marketing team won’t help if that lead doesn’t intend on buying.

Don’t make assumptions when it comes to your buyer personas. Talk to people, and get the real answers.

Take the time and do the hard work to foster the real buyer intent. It can seem nebulous when you shift focus away from just that lead metric. It’s a journey for most companies and their customers.

Work with your sales team and learn more about what they need. What counts as a genuinely qualified lead for them? How can content align with that goal and support the buying journey?

For most B2B companies, there is no shortcut to new customers. You need to understand why your customers buy what you sell. Do that foundational work to know your personas and understand how they want to interact with you because, at the end of the day, they control your sales process.

Published by admin September 2, 2020

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