By admin on August 12, 2020
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The Basecamp: Issue no. 1

These are the opening thoughts from the first issue of our new newsletter, The Basecamp. If you want to see us in your inbox every month, sign up here!

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2020 has challenged most of us as we have never before. Working remotely, distance learning, adjusting to the new normal, and a changing economy to name only a few.

During all of these challenges, however, I have seen something remarkable.

People helping people.

Here at Beacons Point, we continue to be compelled to do our part. As part of this initiative, we’ve created inbound marketing tools and webinars to help businesses grow better during the pandemic and beyond.

I know this may not help everyone but this is just a start. We are working hard to create valuable and helpful content not only for our clients but also for companies whose marketing budgets have been cut but still need to produce results.

The best marketing campaigns start the same way. With a solid strategy. That’s why we created content and tools to help you understand how to develop buyer personas, use those buyer personas, get your team involved, and build a winning strategy.

But we didn’t want to stop there.

This month, I launched a mastermind group dedicated to sales and marketing for business owners, marketers, and other professionals to come together to solve problems they’re facing. The Campfire Mastermind group brings the power of group collaboration with different perspectives, industries, and backgrounds to bring new ideas to your sales, marketing, and businesses.

Interested in meeting some new people while bringing new ideas to your sales, marketing, and businesses? Sign up for our Campfire Mastermind group here.

Lastly, I have launched a passion project. (Yes, something else with “campfire” in the name, but hey that’s where some of my best conversations and memories come from.)

Campfire Chats

Imagine sitting around a campfire with someone you admire and respect. Imagine having a fun, thought-provoking conversation where you talk about business, life, and anything else.

That’s what I aimed to create with my new LinkedIn show (and maybe podcast) Campfire Chats, where I interview leaders about their jobs, experience, and lessons they’ve learned along their journey. We launched our first episode with Darren Reinke, the Founder and Managing Director of Group Sixty. He is an executive leadership coach and an all-around amazing person. In the episode, we talk about the overall importance of communication in all aspects of life, but especially in our current environment.

Future episodes include global sales leaders and marketing executives who had to pivot on a dime during COVID, as well as our very own Brian Serocke.

If you’d like to join me on an episode of the Campfire Chats, send me an email.

To close this out, I want to thank you for being part of the Beacons Point community. It’s been a challenging few months but it’s given us endless opportunities to reflect and be thankful for everything we have. We truly appreciate and care about each and every one of you.



Published by admin August 12, 2020

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