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Which HubSpot Academy Certifications Should I Take?

HubSpot certifications are an excellent resource for keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. These frequently updated, free video courses only require a few hours to consume. You’ll gain the skills, tips, and insights needed to improve your organization’s growth efforts.

About HubSpot Certifications

HubSpot courses familiarize inbound marketers with HubSpot’s software and the best inbound marketing practices. Teams often have knowledge gaps that lead to disparate efforts, but everyone can work from the same informed perspective when all team members take the same HubSpot courses.

Not all Hubspot courses lead to a certification. Many offerings are single lessons or short classes that develop a particular skill, like building a chatbot or how to do LinkedIn marketing. While courses and videos are free, HubSpot Certification does require a Pro or Enterprise subscription.

Recommended HubSpot Certifications

To save you having to hunt through all of the 400+ courses and certifications HubSpot offers, here are the best certs, short courses, and lessons for marketing, sales, and customer service that you can grab right now. We broke them down into categories for easier search.

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HubSpot Certifications for Marketers

Inbound marketing is what HubSpot is all about. Understanding the essential components of a successful inbound strategy covered in these courses will give you the framework to create or improve your own winning plan.

  • Inbound Marketing Optimization

Certification course about strategies to optimize every stage of the inbound methodology using data-driven decisions to grow and scale marketing effectively.

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  • Digital Marketing

Certification course to become an effective digital marketer with an inbound mindset. Explores all aspects of digital marketing, including websites, social media, and email marketing.

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  • Digital Advertising 101: How to Develop a Winning Online Advertising Strategy

Certification course covering paid advertising is becoming more viable as organic channels become congested. Learn how to use the latest strategies: journey-based advertising, bidding and targeting, social media, programmatic, reporting, and more.

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  • Email Marketing

Certification course about the basics of email marketing, which is one of the most in-demand marketing skills because of consumers’ near-universal acceptance of email.

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  • Taking Your Business Online with HubSpot

Short course on setting up a sales rep calling system, increasing meeting efficiency, personalizing videos, using e-signatures, utilizing quotes, and monitoring customer health.

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HubSpot Certifications for Sales

When you understand how to create a successful inbound marketing strategy, it’s time to focus on how to maximize sales and conduct scaling operations.

  • Inbound Sales Course: Get Certified in Inbound Sales

Certification course about identifying and connecting with the best sales prospects, exploring their needs, and helping them choose the best path forward.

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  • Sales Management Training: Certification for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Team

Certification course to help new sales managers develop skills like defining their target market, creating a scalable sales process, and building programs for hiring, training, and coaching your sales team. 

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  • Frictionless Sales: Learn how to Remove Friction from Your Sales Organization

The certification course focuses on developing a smooth, flywheel sales process so that your team can spend more time selling and less time removing friction.

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  • Revenue Operations Certification

Certification course about understanding revenue operations which is the key to scaling sales successfully.

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  • HubSpot Sales Software

The certification course enables sales reps and managers to get the most out of HubSpot’s CRM and sales tools.

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HubSpot Certifications for Customer Service

Customer service has become the marketing battleground. The business with the best customer service attracts new customers and retains existing ones. These certifications, short courses, and lessons will help you create and analyze the best possible customer service experience.

  • HubSpot Reporting

Certification course about learning how to use data-driven reporting across all HubSpot tools to keep your organization informed.

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  • HubSpot’s Support Case Framework

Single lesson covering the three stages of a customer support case: issue discovery, troubleshooting and consultation, and resolution and impact. Using them ensures consistent customer support through active listening and empathizing.

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  • Setting Up Tickets for Success

Four videos demonstrating how to set up customer support tickets in HubSpot’s ticket dashboard.

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  • Setting Up Conversations for Success

A single lesson with four videos showing how to use HubSpot’s Conversations tool. Your team will be able to view, manage, and respond to messages on multiple channels like email, Facebook Messenger, and live chat from a central location.

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  • Creating Chatbots In HubSpot

A single lesson with three videos demonstrating chatbot strategy and creating a chatbot in HubSpot.

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The Benefits of Hubspot Certifications

Besides providing some of the best free educational content on the internet for inbound marketing, sales, and service, HubSpot certifications have other important benefits.

A Learning Style to Fit Everyone

You can learn from videos with closed captions, read the transcript, download slides, or use the study guide. A short quiz at the end of most chapters sets you up for the certification exam.

Hands-On Exercises

You’ll put lessons into practice with real-world exercises that make sure you can use what you’ve learned.

Reduces Training Time

You won’t need to create Inbound marketing educational resources. With HubSpot’s professionally prepared online courses, new team members can study at their own pace.

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