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How to Use Quora & Medium to Boost Web Traffic

Before you can even think about gaining sales, you need to be driving traffic to your website. This can be particularly difficult for new businesses, as with many marketing tactics, however effective they are in the long term, you need to wait to see results. SEO is a great example, as Google favors websites that have a long history online and backlog of content.

One way to resolve this problem is to turn to Quora and Medium.

Why Use Quora?

Quora is a social media platform with the sole purpose of asking and answering questions. As a brand, you’ll want to be answering questions that users post to show your expertise in a topic. This will allow you to engage with users who are specifically looking for your help. It’s an excellent way to build trust and demonstrate your authority from the first moment you interact with a user. Before you begin, it’s always important to understand your audience.


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On all other social media platforms, brands need to rely on research to find topics they think users want to know more about. Quora allows users to start the conversation, eliminating guesswork. All you need to do is answer questions to users’ satisfaction and link to an appropriate piece of content on your blog or website. This can lead to much higher click-through rates than on any other social media platform


How to Benefit from Quora


To gain the maximum attention from your Quora responses, and therefore send the most possible traffic to your site, you need to follow some best practices when answering questions.


Answer the right questions


To find relevant questions, use search terms and follow topics related to your business. Once you’ve found a question you feel is worth answering, check how many answers it has already and when it was posted. The best are recent questions with few or no current answers.


Respond in the right way

Writing style on Quora is quite different from the tone you see on blog posts — it’s informal and straight to the point. However, you should still keep your brand voice and incorporate plenty of whitespace (as well as images, if appropriate) to make the answer easier to read.


Add appropriate links

Each answer should end with a link to your website or blog. The post you link to must be relevant, providing further information about the answer. Always use different links to avoid your account being suspended.


Why Use Medium?


Medium has a completely different role to play in boosting traffic — it’s a blogging platform for content of all types. Although it has similarities with other blogging platforms, some key differences make it worth your while..


For instance, Medium allows readers to comment about specific sections of a blog post. This can be valuable for knowing what information your audience finds interesting and for starting conversations.


The biggest benefit of Medium, though, is its large audience. It’s easier for readers to find you on Medium than if you posted to your website, as Google favors Medium content and places it high in search results. Plus, users on the platform are seeking interesting reads and will follow you if they enjoy your posts. You can add links in your posts to send these followers to your website.


How to Best Use Medium


To be successful on Medium, you need to create the right type of content for the platform.


Tell stories

Posts on Medium are called stories for a reason — this type of content outperforms any other. Give your posts a personal touch, talking about your own experiences.


Take advantage of formatting options


Medium makes it easy to create an attractive blog post. Use the two-level headlines, footnotes, and section separators to enhance your content.


Focus on the title


Users on Medium will decide whether to click your story according to the title. Aim for short but gripping.


Medium and Quora are two very different options to boost traffic, but they fit well together in a marketing strategy. You can use Medium to host the content you create and increase the visibility of pieces by using them to supplement the questions you answer in Quora.

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