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How Brand Voice Consistency Can Make or Break a Brand

A strong brand voice will help you stand out from other companies and deliver a unique message to your customers. Having an inconsistent voice will hurt your brand by weakening the message you are trying to send to your potential customers. Your business may be at risk by not creating a relatable voice that your target audience can easily identify with. The following are a few ways a weak voice can hurt your brand.

A Strong Brand Voice Will Help You Stand Out

When you offer content, your audience should be able to take away a strong sense of what your brand voice is. Your target audience should understand what your company stands for and what its core values are. When an audience doesn’t know the message your brand is trying to send, it can lead to confusion. An inconsistent brand voice may lead people to unfollow you as well because they cannot relate to the content. Here are our

4 Essential Steps to Creating a Brand Voice.

When a customer sees your content, they should be able to associate it with your brand. This can happen when a business has a strong brand voice. If a brand doesn’t have a consistent voice, it may get lost. It will be difficult to distinguish your business from other competitors.

This affects marketing as well because different voices may confuse your consumers. If one post seems to be professional and the next post is sarcastic, your overall message can get lost to your followers. Making sure content is not only targeting your audience but is consistent will help retain your customers.

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    Your Message Has Less Impact

    Your message should be consistent, no matter which platform your consumers are visiting. When this isn’t the case, it’s not only inconsistent, it also weakens the message your brand is trying to send. This will hurt your brand because customers will lose the sense of what your values are and will move on to a brand with a stronger voice that they can better relate to.

    Pro Tip: If you are delivering different messages on different channels, your message won’t have the same impact as if you advertised the same message in all your content on social media platforms. Your brand should be showing the same message no matter which channel your consumers are on.

    Unrelatable Voice

    The right tone and language can determine whether or not a consumer will continue to engage with your brand. Brand voices should usually avoid formal language because it will limit the number of people your services and products reach.

    When considering brand voices, it’s better to use a conversational tone that is friendly and welcoming. Since brands are easily reachable through several social channels these days, it’s best to use a tone that makes consumers feel like they are closer to a brand. It can also make them feel like they are following a friend. Other types of tones that capture an audience’s attention are humor or wit. Being sarcastic or funny will make a brand stand out and will create a distinct brand voice. Having the right tone and language when thinking about your brand voice will build a close relationship with consumers.

    Expressing Your Brand’s Core Values

    If your audience does not know your core values, then they will not know what your brand represents and the message you are trying to send across. Your brand’s values will attract customers who agree with your values, which will increase brand loyalty. This will also increase sales and help you improve your products.

    Make sure you know what your brand’s core values are and let customers know what your company is about. This will help consumers become familiar with your business and show them what type of services and products they can expect from your brand.

    two men looking out at the mountainsYour Department

    When writing content with a specific brand voice, your team members should be aware of the type of voice they need to convey. When team members don’t understand what type of voice they need to write in, this may lead to an inconsistent brand voice. This will lead to a weaker message and a lack of engagement with your audience. Having a voice brand guide available for all team members to review will help everyone stay on the same page.

    An inconsistent voice can damage your brand in many ways. Taking the steps to make sure your brand voice is consistent on all your platforms will help in attracting customers and improving your services.

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