By admin on September 26, 2022

Jeff and Alex discuss some of the most overlooked aspects of marketing. Jeff had over a decade of experience in digital marketing and this helps him identify brands’ why what, and how. Setting himself up as the perfect person to help a brand achieve its goals.

By admin on September 12, 2022

This episode is all about the power of zero-click content. You’ll learn why you should be testing it in your marketing strategy and a new segment where we ask each other marketing questions that we have to answer in 30 seconds or less. Stay tuned for more Stori & Alex episodes where we discuss current […]

By admin on September 5, 2022

Hiring a new agency can be intimidating. In this episode, John Bertino the founder of The Agency Guide (TAG), discusses why he went into the business of pairing companies with the perfect agency. He shares why it’s important to have that perfect match, some overrated qualities that people look for when hiring an agency, red […]

By admin on August 31, 2022

In this episode of The B2B Growth Marketer Podcast Kyle Stout, the founder of Elevate & Scale discusses why email marketing should still be a part of your marketing strategy. With changes in technology, you would think that email would have drastically changed as well, but according to Kyle, it has stayed close to its […]

By admin on August 22, 2022

Stori and I talk about everything from Pinterest for B2B marketers, how to get more interaction and networking done through LinkedIn, is Tik Tok a space that B2B marketers could ever start marketing on, and some more information on our newsletter, The Marketer’s Basecamp.

By admin on May 23, 2022

Alex Meade our VP of Sales & Marketing, and Sabina Hahn, our Lead Content Strategist here at Beacons Point invited Rebecca Devaney and Kate Babcock of Culture Theory to talk about why emotional intelligence in the workplace is important. Culture Theory is a business consulting firm that focuses on bringing emotional intelligence to your workplace.

By admin on April 12, 2022

Alex Meade, our VP of Sales and Marketing at Beacons Point was able to interview Ashley Lawson, our Vendor Manager. Ashley provides insight into why vendor management is necessary and how she does her job so well.

By admin on March 17, 2022

Alex Meade, VP of Sales and Marketing at Beacons Point, sits down with Ken Lundin, president of Ken Lundin & Associates and RevHeat, to discuss the new era of sales on The B2B Growth Marketer Podcast.

By admin on March 1, 2022

Alex Meade, VP of Sales and Marketing at Beacons Point, sits down with Jeff Coyle, Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse, to discuss how to make SEO work for you in 2022 on The B2B Growth Marketer Podcast.

By admin on January 5, 2021

2020 was tough. I was often close to losing it and breaking down. The stress of the pandemic, the company, and my family’s health and happiness certainly took a toll.