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9 Benefits of Hiring a Video Marketing Agency

With 93% of marketers believing that video is an important part of their marketing strategy, implementing it into yours is a must. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know when, how, and where to take advantage of your video content.

The success of your B2B video marketing campaign depends on the quality and consistency of your content. There are a few different options when it comes to creating video content, but like most things in life, there are a pros and cons to each.

If you are one of the lucky ones and just happen to have an internal team member who has the experience, the time, and equipment to create a quality video on a consistent basis, you can stop reading. You did it!

For everyone else, we are going to explore a few of the benefits of working with a video marketing agency vs. creating an internal team.

From finding the right filming equipment to testing different advertising channels, using videos for your marketing campaign requires a professional approach.

That’s where a marketing agency that specializes in video comes in. Let’s take a closer look at how such a partnership can streamline your marketing efforts.

1. Team of Experts

When you work with a video marketing agency, you gain access to experts in (at least) five tactics:

  • Video marketing strategy
  • Video ideation
  • Video editing
  • Video distribution
  • Video repurposing

Video marketing experts have the time and skills to create a successful strategy from scratch. They provide valuable industry-specific advice and give your internal team sufficient time to focus on core tasks.

These people have already made common mistakes and know exactly how to avoid them. They also stay on top of the latest video inbound marketing trends to help implement them into your strategy.

Team of people having a planning meeting

Most video marketing or content marketing agencies have content strategists, video producers, graphic designers, and other key members with skill sets that go into developing a strategy and creating the video content.

2. Cost-Effective

More often than not, a company’s marketing team is pressed for time. With a huge variety of marketing functions, multitasking isn’t always successful.

Learning how to shoot videos and make them suitable for different marketing channels could take a significant amount of time. Meanwhile, hiring new in-house experts can be costly.

With a video marketing agency, you can benefit from its team’s experience without the high costs of supporting a large marketing department.

Most video & content marketing agencies can work on a project basis, leaving little risk if you need to move in a different direction.

3. Using Professional Video Equipment

Shooting a high-quality video that achieves your marketing goals requires professional equipment. While it’s possible to create certain video content with a smartphone, its use is likely to be limited.

Buying or renting professional video, audio, and lighting equipment can be costly and time-consuming. Learning how to use it could also steal valuable time from your marketing team.

Video shooting

When working with a video marketing agency, you don’t need to worry about the video shooting equipment or teaching your team to take advantage of it. Video marketing experts can take care of the video creation process from scratch.

4. Collaborating with Professional Editors

Video editing is a highly important part of video creation. Different marketing channels require different video sizes and formats. Meanwhile, your SEO team needs the video to have a readable transcript.

For example, Instagram limits video length to 60 minutes while Facebook can allow up to 4 hours. At the same time, an Instagram video can be 4GB while a video you would include in a marketing email shouldn’t exceed 1MB. There is a level of expertise needed and the time and resources to allocate to produce content for each channel.

A video marketing team can help edit your videos to fit a variety of marketing channels without losing quality. You can also get valuable advice about different media formats for social media, websites, and emails.

5. Coordinating the Filming Process

Creating a video is a complex process that requires careful scheduling and coordination. Making sure all the equipment, participants, and experts are available for the filming process can be complicated.

A video marketing agency can take care of the coordination process to make sure all your videos are created in a timely manner.

Additionally, video marketing experts can help you develop a holistic strategy for video creation. You can learn from their experience to create viral video content. These specialists know exactly how to execute your vision through video.

6. Choosing the Right Video Marketing Channels

To achieve a positive video marketing ROI reported by 87% of marketers, you need to take advantage of the right channels. If you are new to video marketing, you need guidance to implement this kind of content.

Woman writing out brainstorm notes on a whiteboard

A video marketing agency knows exactly when, where, and how to post your videos for them to improve your marketing efforts. These experts have in-depth industry knowledge that helps them identify the right channels for your content depending on the stage of the buyer’s journey.

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7. Creating and Maintaining Evergreen Video Content

Just like text and images, video content can become irrelevant within days. It requires regular polishing, updating, and repurposing. Changing video content can be more complicated than updating a blog or creating a new infographic.

A video marketing agency doesn’t just help you create evergreen content. They will also tailor your content to be relevant for different segments of your target audience. Meanwhile, they monitor video content trends to help you make timely adjustments.

8. Develop a Video Content Plan

Working with experienced video marketing experts doesn’t just allow you to create high-quality and effective videos. It gives you insight into the future of video marketing and the type of video content that works for your audience.

A digital marketing agency can help you create a viable video content plan and adjust it as your campaign proceeds. These experts study your business goals and suggest video content ideas to help you achieve them.

9. Working with a Trusted Partner

A video marketing agency, like many agencies, can become the trusted partner you need to run a successful marketing campaign. With these experts, you don’t need to worry about the organizational aspects of video creation. Plus, you can get valuable proactive advice about the future of your campaign.

From video formats and content ideas to legislation and industry demands, a video marketing agency can become an excellent resource for your team.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging videos to improve your marketing campaigns is no longer optional. Without them, it’s easy to fall behind the competition and struggle with a low ROI for your marketing efforts.

To create and promote high-quality, competitive videos, you need a team of experts. More often than not, small and mid-size companies simply don’t have time or resources to do this on their own.

A video marketing agency can help you create interesting, efficient, and relevant videos for your campaigns and implement them into your inbound marketing strategy.

Are you considering such a partnership? Schedule time with our video and content experts to see how consistent video can increase your lead generation and conversion rates.

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