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7 Ways to Create Engaging Content

We get asked all the time, “How do I get more people to engage with my content and brand?” Engaging content – everybody wants it, but few are actually able to offer content that gets people’s attention and ‘engaged’ with it.

Engaging content means content that hooks people onto your website or blog, mentally occupying them because they are interested in what you have to say. Needless to say, being a snoozefest in your content is a sure way to poison this interest, which is why bloggers are trying their best to come up with ways to make sure that people stay hooked onto what they are reading. Are you facing trouble in creating interesting content? Well, here are a few ways you can use to concoct a really engaging content.


People today are more stimulated by visuals than ever, they are more attracted to content that is visually appealing. Presented correctly, visuals can actually replace much of what is written, and it works perfectly well for today’s Internet-savvy crowd who has no time to spend reading exhaustive articles.

Example: Anti-Cancer Challenge Social Media

Conversational Tone

The Internet users today are more attracted to content that is personalized and ‘chatty’ over formal content. This puts readers at ease, and the feeling of ‘conversing’ with someone makes them more interested and receptive towards the content.

Example: Exploring OC – Better Living SoCal

Simple vocabulary

Contrary to what many people think, effective communication is conveying a message in the simplest way possible. Tough words, complex sentences, and jargon are fine for academic or content meant for highly specialized readers. In general, however, the simpler the language you use, the better it is.




Examples help in illustrating information better. Readers will be easily able to understand what you are trying to say by giving an example as a story or anecdote which they can relate to. Stories are engaging, and having a good number of them embedded in your content can actually help boost people’s interest in your content.

Examples: MaxBP Baseball & Softball Training Videos


Let your presentation of content be light on the eye. Choose light, simple colors over dark ones to avoid giving a ‘stuffy’ feeling to your readers. Also,

  • Make sure there’s sufficient space between lines.
  • Break down large paragraphs into smaller ones.
  • Use bullet points as much as possible.
  • Make sure the font and background contrast well enough.
  • Avoid long, complex sentences.

Examples: Bacon Waves – Social Media


Adding a little humor can do wonders for your content! A light sprinkling of humor here and there in the article can greatly help break the monotony of the content, giving the reader a whiff of fresh air. However, do not go overboard with humor or your content may actually lose its focus. Also, remember that humor not delivered well can be fatal.

Share a little about yourself

The main factor in getting people engaged in your content is to establish a relationship of trust with them. For this to happen, you have to share a little information about yourself whenever it seems suitable to do so. This will help you connect with your readers better.



By following these tips, you should be able to make your articles/blogs/posts more interesting and engaging to the readers. If you want to learn how we can help you create engaging content for any industry, company or topic, shoot us an email at any time! As always, we want to hear from you. Leave your thoughts, ideas or comments below!

Published by admin November 14, 2017

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