Inbound Strategy

Set the plan, understand your leads, and close deals


Not getting the quality of leads you want?

Grow your business with high-quality personalized content that will increase the quality of your leads, close more deals, and keep customers longer with the Inbound Blueprint.

Many companies and organizations jump from tactic to tactic, trying to gain attention online.

But is this approach helping or hurting your chances of generating quality leads?

Do you know who you are targeting with your marketing? Do you know their pain points? Their challenges? The content they find most valuable? How to earn their trust?

Every great marketing campaign starts with a detailed plan. Use data, research, and experience to build the foundation of your inbound campaign with the Inbound Blueprint.

The Inbound Blueprint is the foundation of all successful inbound campaigns.

During the Blueprint project, we work with you to identify your target audience, conduct in-depth market research, develop buyer personas, and build a long-term strategy to attract more leads, close more deals and grow your company.

The Value of the Inbound Strategy


    Analyze the opportunities for your marketing efforts

    • Market and industry analysis
    • Competitive landscape audit matrix
    • Current and forecast keyword research
    • Audit of your current website domain and HubSpot portal

Buyer Personas

    Understand and document your target audience

    • In-depth research and interviews with your current and potential customers
    • Discover your customers’ goals, challenges, habits, and preferences
    • Comprehensive buyer persona reports
    • Personalized content to capture the attention of your target audience


    Data + experience
    = growth marketing

    • Full-funnel strategy to attract, convert and close
    • Keyword-based topic cluster content strategy
    • Execution plan and actionable next steps
    • SMART goals to easily measure campaign effectiveness

The Essential Elements of an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Here is what you’ll get with the Beacons Point Inbound Blueprint strategy package.

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Industry & Market Research

We begin with a complete audit of your current marketing, customers, and objectives. We’ll take a deep dive into your current analytics, and conduct internal, customer, and competitor research, before building the foundation for a successful campaign.

Keyword Research

Comprehensive organic SEO and paid keyword research is the foundation of a well-strategized campaign. We organize your content strategy around high-traffic keywords and topics facing low competition to ensure your content efforts are rewarded as quickly as possible.

Competitor Research

Do you know why your competitors are taking business away from you? Do you know who the “thought leaders” are in your space? We answer these questions and more through a thorough competitive analysis that seeks to provide context around what some of your top competitors do well and where they’re lacking.

By identifying the best content marketing efforts in your industry and opportunities, you’ll have a benchmark for which to evaluate your own content efforts against moving forward.

Buyer Persona Development

We conduct research and interviews with your current and prospective customers to develop data-backed profiles of your target audience.

Buyer persona research will provide a clear view of the topics your audience wants to learn about, the mediums through which they consume content and information, and what makes them fully trust your brand.

Buyer persona research is the key to cutting through the clutter and gaining the attention of those who could be most helped by your products or services.

Video-first Approach

According to HubSpot, 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from the businesses they support. Beacons Point’s advantage lies in our ability to creatively and effectively integrate rich video content into each piece of collateral we create for clients.

By operating with a video-first mentality, you’ll not only improve metrics like average time-on-page and bounce rate, but you’ll also be able to build trust with your audience faster by easily showcasing your brand’s personality and expertise.

Full-funnel Strategy

At Beacons Point, we flip the funnel on its head and build each campaign using a bottom-up “Campfire” approach. Awareness content represents the kindling at the base of the fire.

Consideration-stage content rises from that, and the tip of the fire represents your conversion and retention actions. Our video-first content strategy is built on keyword research and topic cluster models relevant to your unique business and industry.

We engaged Beacons Point to deliver an Inbound Blueprint for our upcoming school years.

Their ability to dig into our school, dissect the regional market, understand our ideal parent profiles, and develop a marketing strategy that fits our needs was exceptional. This Blueprint project united our team and gave us a great starting point.

We are continuing to work with Beacons Point and HubSpot. Turns out the Inbound Blueprint project exceeded our expectations!

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Dawn Saunders
Santa Fe Christian Schools

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