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The Amniotic Fluid Embolism Foundation is the only patient advocacy organization, serving those affected or devastated by amniotic fluid embolism. Our mission is to fund research, raise public awareness and provide support for those whose lives have been touched by this often-fatal maternal health complication.

We are an international network of those affected by AFE, advised by a world-renowned medical advisory board comprising of respected physicians, nurses and expert researchers. The AFE Foundation also collaborates with other non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, prestigious academic institutions and corporate partners to help carry out our mission and vision.

Our mission is to spur research, raise public awareness and provide support for those whose lives have been touched by this often-fatal maternal health complication.

Our vision is that AFE is understood and preventable, thus resulting in a noticeable reduction in maternal and fetal death globally.

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AFE Board of Directors


Miranda Klassen


Miranda Klassen founded the AFE Foundation shortly after recovering from an amniotic fluid embolism during the birth of her son in 2008. After months of fruitless searching for support and information related to AFE, Miranda recognized the immediate need for the foundation.


Amy De Simone

Board Chair

After experiencing AFE during the birth of her son, Aiden, in March of 2008, Amy immediately started searching for answers about AFE and for other survivors.  Knowing she was fortunate to have survived such a rare and dangerous complication, Amy felt that it was alienating to learn the grim statistics.


Michelle Moon


On September 28, 2012 Michelle suffered an Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE) during the birth of her second child, Piper. Like many families, Michelle turned to the Amniotic Fluid Embolism Foundation to seek answers and support.


Paige Najvar


In May 2007, Paige suffered an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) during labor with her second son, Elijah. Although the experience was a traumatic ordeal for everyone involved, both Elijah and Paige were fortunate enough to recover quickly and escape any lasting effects from this often fatal condition.


David Di Pietro


After the loss of his wife, Teresa, during the birth of their son, Rocco, Dave was left with many questions. Why? What is AFE? Could this have been predicted or avoided? Could there have been a better outcome? Were there others who had lost their wives to AFE?


Patricia Mc Mlinchey


Patty experienced AFE during the birth of her second child, her daughter Grace, in August of 2009. Thanks to the truly heroic efforts of the physicians and nurses at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, Patty and Grace survived this typically fatal event without serious complications.


Linda Ross


In November 2010, Linda experienced an AFE with her second daughter, Alessia Lou. Linda knew she was lucky and blessed to have survived, but struggled to find support and connect with others who could understand trauma.


Stephanie Arnold


On May 30, 2013, Stephanie experienced an amniotic fluid embolism and was clinically dead for 37 seconds, during the delivery of her son. Those extra resources ultimately saved her life. Most of the premonitions came true, except for the part where she stayed dead, and has her doctors shaking their head wondering how she knew.

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