Patricia McGlinchey

Patty experienced AFE during the birth of her second child, her daughter Grace, in August of 2009. Thanks to the truly heroic efforts of the physicians and nurses at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, Patty and Grace survived this typically fatal event without serious complications. As her physical recovery progressed, Patty faced the difficult emotional process of recovering from the traumatic event, and grappled with many unanswered questions about AFE. She was overjoyed to connect with Miranda and the AFE Foundation, and vowed to do whatever she could to contribute to the Foundation’s work.

Patty’s hope for the AFE Foundation is that it can become an extensive network of support for women and families that have been affected by AFE, a recognized and well-respected source of information about AFE among the medical community, and a driver of research that leads to the discovery of the causes of AFE and eventually to a cure.

Patty currently works as a recruiter for a health care research and consulting firm. Her children, James and Grace, and her husband, Dave, are the center of her world. Always an avid runner, Patty has found particular joy in her ability to enjoy fresh air and exercise after experiencing AFE, so she can be found outdoors running, hiking, or playing with her family as often as possible.