Linda Ross

In November 2010, Linda experienced an AFE with her second daughter, Alessia Lou. Linda knew she was lucky and blessed to have survived, but struggled to find support and connect with others who could understand trauma. For several years, she and her husband never spoke of the experience however Linda struggled to fully heal and be the wife and mother she always dreamed of. It was a long three (3) years and after much struggle and reluctance, Linda began researching AFE and available resources. It was then she stumbled upon the AFE Foundation website and connected with Miranda Klassen. Upon the initial discussion, Linda instantly felt connected to a community and network she never knew existed. Through reading of others’ experiences and connecting with others who have experienced AFE, Linda was able to understand her own experience and begin the healing process.

Linda has over 12 years’ experience of working in clinical research and, specifically, patient registry design, data collection, and data analysis. It was through this avenue of clinical research that Linda was able to become involved in the AFE Foundation and support the ongoing efforts to create and support the AFE Patient Registry with Baylor College of Medicine.
Linda is married with two beautiful daughters, and spends time cooking and reading. She also spends time volunteering in her town, on her daughters’ elementary school board and is a Girl Scout troop leader.