Amy De Simone

After experiencing AFE during the birth of her son, Aiden, in March of 2008, Amy immediately started searching for answers about AFE and for other survivors.  Knowing she was fortunate to have survived such a rare and dangerous complication, Amy felt that it was alienating to learn the grim statistics. She looked to find others who could relate and understand the varying emotions that accompany AFE. It was a challenge to reconcile the sheer joy of being a new mom with the fear and confusion that comes with having a near death experience and almost losing her son.

After a few months, Amy and founder Miranda Klassen connected and eventually had the opportunity to meet along with their families. The meeting was emotional for everyone and solidified a bond and friendship between the two families that will last a lifetime. Amy immediately pledged her support for the AFE Foundation. She believes that by combining the myriad of experiences, perspectives shared by families affected by AFE and expertise of the medical advisory board, answers can be provided.

Prior to becoming a mother, Amy worked for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Bergdorf Goodman in New York. She hopes to apply her work history to grow the AFE Foundation.
Amy spends her spare time with her husband, Michael and sons, Aiden and Liam. Born almost three months premature, Aiden has defied the odds.

Amy’s incredible story.